Pui Ching School was founded in 1889 in Guangzhou China by local Chinese Baptists, and was the first Christian school in China founded by local Christians rather than foreign missionaries. The Hong Kong branch was established in 1933 while the Macau branch was established in 1938. Since then, over 40 alumni associations has been established around the world and the Ontario branch - Pui Ching Alumni Association of Ontario a.k.a. Pui Ching Alumni Ontario was formed in 1970s in Toronto with following objectives:

To promote, support, and protect the common interests of the members of the Association.

To participate in intellectual and cultural activities in the community.

To promote and enhance fellowship among alumni of the Pui Ching School across the globe.

Currently the Ontario alumni has 1000+ members and majority of the members reside in GTA.

Our annual functions include the Annual General Meeting (AGM) dinner, a joint-school barbecue/picnic, seminars, golf and badminton tournaments, and Christmas dinner.

We welcome anyone who attended / taught in GuangZhou, Hong Kong, or Macau, Pui Ching School to join the alumni as members. For those who are interested in Pui Ching Alumni events may join as associated members.




培正學校於1889年由當時中國浸信會於中國廣州成立,是中國第一所由當地基督徒而非外國傳教士創辦的基督教學校。香港分成立於1933年,澳門分於1938年成立。自那時起,全球已有40多個校友會成立,其中包括安大略省分會 - 安省培正校友會又名培正校友,成立於20世紀70年代為實現以下目標: